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‘Minecraft’ update with better pillagers, villages, and crossbows

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Minecraft a popular game for all users and with the demand of the game, it is essential that it keeps on updating. The company recently has updated the game with a lot of features and new contents for the players.

Minecraft is a video game, that is based on thinking capacity and creativity level of the players. Yes, in this game, you need to think in a better way so that you can finish the game in the right way. If you properly play the game, then you can quickly complete all the steps that are present in the game.

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In the Minecraft latest version, you can see that developers have brought a lot of updates to the game. The update is called as the Minecraft Village and Pillage update. The current update is the big update that the game has seen till now. When you look at the update, it comes with all-new block, new raid system in the game and the village works. The things that have come in the update are mentioned below.

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1. Addition of Bamboo

Now in the Minecraft maps, you can see that there are not only jungles, but bamboo jungles have been added. They are essential and useful, and you can find it in two places. They are Bamboo Jungle hills and bamboo jungle. You can easily cut it down with a knife or sword.

2. New Villages

The next best thing that you will get is the villages. You can interact with the villagers as the player, and each of the villages is said to be having their specialty.

3. Addition of mobs

In the update, you can find there are new mobs which are added in the game. You can find all the new animals like pandas and other animals. All the animals have got different moods as per the situation, and you need to deal with it.

4. Raiding

The next best thing that comes to the game is raids. When you go for raids, you can see that pillagers spawn randomly and do patrol across the outpost towers. The level of raid attack too got changed with the new update.

5. Crossbows

The best weapon that is now added to the game is a crossbow. With the help of that, you can kill your enemies and can defend yourself from attacks. It too comes with a separate loading phase.

6. New Blocks

The last thing that has come up with the game update is new blocks. These things usually spawn in villages, and it is assigned with trades to all jobless villager who all want to interact.

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With such additions to the game, it is seen now that the game is undergone an enormous change. The gameplay features of the game have also been changed excellently without any problem. The company has improved the Minecraft mods in the right way. Other than this with the new update, you will also get the beautiful Minecraft skins too.

As the game is played online, so you must have an active internet connection. With the help of the online Minecraft servers, you can get in touch with other players who all are present all over the world. By playing with them, you can see that the game of yours will get improve and you can learn new methods and way to clear the stages in the game. There are more than 100 stages that you need to clear to complete the game. With so many features now headed to the game, it is surely be going the top game for 2019.

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